We believe doing one’s allotted work to the best of one’s ability is mans best devotion to the God.In other words, man has vast potential and the more he delves within , the greater access to success and divinity .When we do something in our life to achieve the success, our attention goes to the unlimited target and not to the activities by which we reach to our destination. Our team of Sulaiman Group , believes these words in true sense. All the members of the team try to give our best effort , because we know that the best result will also come along with

In respect of Tea merchendise In CIS , we are though not that much old like some big and giant multinational companies . But we are determined to make our own pace in export , rea. Because like “Bread , cloth and shelter “ . The tea also have an endless demand in the world. Keeping in mind the growing demand of tea , we have chosen the best quality CTC, Leaf tea , Othodox tea , Chineese Green tea to satisfy the need of our valued customer of the world.

Now in this concern we need U and your active support because “ S-CCESS “ wouldn’t spell “SUCCESS” without ‘U”.

At last we seek your kind co-operation and support to achieve new targets and the established as a brand to be noticed and spread the aroma of Teas through the world.

Ghulam Sakhi G Mohiyuddin

Sulaiman Group of companies